Our History

In 1984, shortly after I passed my driving test for two-wheeler motor vehicles in Palma on an old Vespa, when I flew to Germany and imported my first motorbike to Spain, things looked completely different.

At that time, you would see mainly brands such as Seat, Renault or Citroen on the roads, the re-registration of a foreign vehicle was still a genuine adventure. When eighteen-year old passed and without substantial financial means, it took me almost 5 months and 32,000 pesetas (approx. €250), to obtain the vehicle documents from the Spanish authorities.

I performed a few more re-registrations of motorcycles and cars for friends and acquaintances. The price differences and the now larger range of vehicles available in Germany were reason enough for me to take a little trip once in a while, earning some pocket money.

My professional career in the tourism industry began at the same time and lasted 15 years, my last position being managing director of a renowned internet travel platform, until I became a freelancer in 1999, in order to be able to offer my know-how to foreigners on Mallorca.

Our first internet presence called kfz-ummeldungen.com was established in 2002. With more than 1,000 visitors and inquiries per year, we have become one of the major re-registration services on the island.

In 2006 we were appointed exclusive agency of ZURICH and since then we have been offering the best insurance package to our clients.

François de la Villethéart / GeschäftsführerIn 2007 we became co-operation partner of DAD (German Cars Service). We co-operate with numerous and prestigious car dealerships in Germany, whom we provide with registration data of vehicles which have been sold to clients based in Spain, etc.

Today, after 14 years of doing business successfully, I would like to thank warmly all our customers for their confidence and the authorities for their good co-operation. I would like to express very special thanks to my team who turned mas-mallorca auto service into the company it is today thanks to their enthusiasm, dedication and commitment.

Thank you to everyone!

François de la Villethéart / Director