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DKV Mundisalud offers all-round medical care and surgical interventions for each kind of illness or injury and the insured is entitled to choose a physician and hospital world-wide. This insurance consists of a mixed benefit scheme, which means provision of services by contractual hospitals and panel doctors or reimbursement of costs, depending on whether you choose medical services within or beyond the “Cuadro Médico”.

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Hinweis  Mundi Complet
Do you wish to continue being treated by your gynecologist?
No problem. MUNDI COMPLET provides access to the medical network of DKV without any additional costs. Beyond that you can consult specialists who are not included in this network, and 80% of their invoices will be refunded (up to €80 per specialist visit).

Hinweis  Mundi Plus
Sie wollen Ihre Kinder in einem Ihnen empfohlenen medizinischen Zentrum behandeln lassen?
Nur zu. Mit MUNDI PLUS können Sie jeden gewünschten Kinderarzt oder jedes medizinische Zentrum auch außerhalb des medizinischen Netzes konsultieren. Von DKV Seguros werden Ihnen bis 120 EUR pro Facharztbesuch erstattet.

Hinweis  Mundi Classic
You would like your children to undergo treatment in a recommended medical center?
Go ahead. Thanks to MUNDI PLUS you can consult any pediatrician or medical center, which is not included in the medical network. DKV Seguros will reimburse up to €120 per specialist visit to you.

Hinweis  Mundi Élite
You do not want to accept maximum amounts, if the health of your family is concerned?
You decide. MUNDI CLASSIC offers unlimited liberty to enjoy your health. Select your doctors or medical centers and DKV will refund 80% of the invoices (without maximum rate for visiting specialists).