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- an insurance policy according to your needs

Car insurance is mandatory for all motor vehicle owners.
In Spain the motor vehicle insurance is composed by third party insurance, partial and comprehensive cover.

We offer an insurance that is tailored to you and your driving pleasure.


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The 5 most important reasons why you should sign up for Zurich Motor Pack:
  1. Breakdown assistance 24 hours a day from kilometer 0
  2. If you run out of gasoline, we will be there for you. In case of a flat tire we will take care of changing the wheel
  3. Two years after first registration your car is considered a new vehicle
  4. If you have lost all driving licence credits (applicable in Spain), we assume the costs of up to €500 payaable for the course for its recovery.
  5. Apart from the bonus of up to 55 % for accident-free drivers, the Zurich Flex Percentage Excess automatically grants each year a 10 % discount on the percentage excess** in case of no claims*.
* During the term of the policy **Up to a minimum excess of 180 €
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Tipp  Recommendation
It is worth establishing an excess in case of fully comprehensive insurances in order to reduce thus the premium. Novice drivers and drivers under the age of 27 might be granted a notably reduced premium, if registered as second driver. Please don't facilitate wrong data in order to receive a discount.