ZurichA household insurance is useful for nearly everyone. The more valuable your furnishings, the
more important is prevention by a household insurance. A household content insurance does not only protect luxury furnisings or objects of value.

Even if the washing machine runs out, burglars or a fire devastate your apartment or a storm causes extensive damage, the resulting costs will be high. Therefore a household insurance is also recommended if your current income or savings are insufficient to cover the necessary acquisitions or repairs.


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1. Assistance in case of emergency at home, 24 hours, 365 days a year 6. Mugging
2. Damages caused by water, including detecting and repair of the damage 7. Fraudulent use of credit cards, cheques and passbooks
3. Damage of installations and equipment caused by electricity 8. Liability insurance for individuals and family
4. Cosmetic repairs on the building 9. Food perishing in the refrigerator in case of power failure or damage
5. Exchange of lock in case of robbery, theft or loss of the keys 10. Legal protection

Don't underestimate the need.
It is crucial that the insured amount corresponds to the original value of the contents. Otherwise a lower amount will be paid in the event of a damage.

AchtungCaution, underinsurance! Underinsurance means: the value of your contents amounts to €100,000, but only €75,000 are insured. In this case the insurance compensates only proportionately for the loss. For example, if a hi-fi system worth €1,000 is stolen, you will be paid only 75% of this amount. It is recommendable to provide a list of the entire contents and its current purchase price.

Homeowners insurance

A homeowners insurance ist essential for owners of houses and apartments. Considering the high value of a property it can be difficult to pay for a large damage on your own, and a total loss caused by fire, for example, can be existence-threatening. Everyone who finances his house via loans, should definitely provide for insurance protection.